Investment Strategy

Scaling transformational businesses

We invest in nature-positive businesses in Africa that have the potential to achieve transformational impact and commercial return, where necessary involving blended finance.

Traditional private equity investment models face significant limitations in converting these opportunities into commercial investments. Frequently, nature-positive businesses in Africa are small and lack management teams that can drive growth. The time horizons needed to bring them to scale exceed the life of a typical private equity fund.

Natural Heritage addresses these challenges in five ways, by

  1. Scaling commercially viable nature-positive businesses through hands-on business building, organic and in-organic expansion, and follow-on investment
  2. Recognising the importance of partnerships by collaborating with managers of protected areas and with communities to invest, to the extent possible, on the basis of broadly-consulted sustainable land-use plans
  3. Bringing in blended finance where such capital is necessary on the path to scale, knowing that transformational impact at scale cannot be achieved without commercial success
  4. Rigorously measuring and monitoring climate, biodiversity, and local economic development impact and by adhering to principles of responsible investment, KYC, AML, business integrity and governance standards
  5. Over time, building a portfolio of commercial nature-positive businesses in Africa, initially raising funding on a deal-by-deal basis, and establishing a platform of investments that reaches a scale where it can be accessed by larger pools of capital seeking to invest with climate and biodiversity impact