The Opportunity

Africa is home to some of the most important ecosystems that, if kept intact, could contribute to achieving international climate goals and preserve biodiversity on a global scale. But, in reality, these ecosystems are shrinking and biodiversity is in decline

The opportunity

There is an opportunity to generate commercial returns for investors by investing in scalable nature-positive businesses that could play a major role in tackling the climate and biodiversity crisis in Africa:

  • directly, by sequestering carbon, by avoiding deforestation, by replacing carbon-intensive business models with more sustainable ones, or by protecting biodiversity. Investment opportunities in this space include carbon projects, renewable energy & off-grid energy solutions, sustainable food system innovations, sustainable building materials and non-timber forest products such as honey
  • indirectly, by reducing human pressures on forests and conservation areas. Opportunities here include responsible agriculture that generate alternative livelihoods to wildlife hunting, destructive grazing or land-intensive non-sustainable agricultural practices.